(Recommended annually)
Overhaul includes adjusting all components plus the labor for flushing or replacing cables and housing, thorough investigation and re-greasing of hubs, bottom bracket, headset, removal and re-lubricating all components and complete clean of drive train.
$300 (Single Speed/Fixed Gear $250).  Fresh cables and housing start at $20.

Complete Tune-up
(Recommended annually for periodic riders or mid season for regular riders)
Finely tuning braking, shifting, and steering. Truing wheels. Lubing chain and component pivot points. Adjusting all bearing components. Removing and greasing seatpost, pedals, and stem. Light cleaning.
$75 (Single Speed/Fixed Gear  $65). Detailed cleaning starts at $20  

Accessory Installs:
$35-55 Fender Install
$15 Bar Wrap
$15-25 Rack Install

Wheel Builds  $45
($60 if you bring your own parts)

Services also offered a la carte.  Inquire about prices.

Bike Assembly Out of the Box Starts at $30
(New Bike Dial-in Service of $45 also recommended with any new bike purchase)