52 cm Used Schwinn

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52 cm Used Schwinn


Smooth and fast rolling completely tuned-up road bike!


Size: 52cm
Tire Size: 27 x 1 1/4
New: wheels, chain, rear gears, tubes, brake pads, tires, cables
Frame Material: Steel
Gears: 2x6
Top Tube Length: 57cm

Many seat options to choose from included in purchase price.
Also includes consultation on preliminary fit, function, and optimization

Modifications and upgrades possible!

Studded Tires: $45 each
Knobby Tires: $10 each
Fenders: Clip on Rear only $16
Full Fenders $45 Installed
Rear Rack: $35 Installed

Purchase a Service Package $50 includes 30 day tune-up and first 1 year Tune-up ($100 value)

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