1621 Hennepin has housed Kitsune Cycles, est 2011, and Alley Cat Cycles, est 2012.  

What happened to those businesses is not a secret.  They evolved.

They started with three owners and now there is one.  Michael Kraus ("Kraus"), once interested in an elite and high end shop is now in Portland while Roger Koelker, The BMX and Vintage Bike Encyclopedia, though still a bike enthusiast in Minneapolis is now working to become a master cheese maker at Eichten's Bison Ranch and Cheese Factory.

In May of 2015, the third initial owner, Cali Jirsa established Cherry Cycles.

Cali's mechanical experience started 11 years ago as a volunteer collective-owner of the community shop called the Grease Pit for five years.  She acted as President of the Sibley Bike Depot (now thankfully renamed Cycles for Change) and facilitated the move from downtown to a space in Midway that was more welcoming and organized.  She has taught classes in repair, bicycle feminism (to answer what would help women bike on the regular), and taught winter biking.   Cali worked in two retail shops and seeing opportunity to better serve people, especially people of color, women, trans, femme, GLBTQIA, and new riders, decided to become a co-owner of the business in Loring Park which now has evolved to exclusively house this mission.