Cherry Cycles community is made up of individuals who spend time supporting equity in cycling, through rides, social events, and free repair nights at the only solo woman owned shop in Minneapolis.

Here are some ways to get involved:

Technical Apprenticeships
Help keep the shop organized while learning repair skills and shop operations.

Event Coordinator/Support
Help us continue offering free riding and repair education.  Coordinate snacks, group, decorations, support safer spaces, and more.

Shop Ambassadors
Help advocate the shop by promoting us on social media, handing out business cards, biking flyers around town, and more.

Social Media/Marketing Intern
Help build community by letting us focus on repairs and fitting.  Get the word out through social media, promotional items, and events.  Details here.

Expect gratitude in the form of:
repair education
quality job referrals
experience for your resume
discounted parts
and access to work on your own projects.  

Volunteer positions will be tailored to your skills and preferences.