Customizations for Comfort, Safety, Reliability and Style

Bike customization can seem like an extravagance but it actually can be quite significant. When you customize your bike it creates a chain reaction. You love your bike more, you ride more, you enjoy more, you’re healthier, you love more! Customizations increase safety, comfort, and reliability to make you and those around you happier.

A honed riding position position allow for relaxed elbows and reduces the likelihood of wrist, hand, or shoulder discomfort. This can be achieved by changing or moving brake levers, handlebars, and shifters to be more convenient. Saddles come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and densities to fit your body and your riding style. Proper crank arm and pedal set up reduce muscle fatigue allowing force to be expended as efficiently as possible. Having a bicycle that has components optimized to you assures more comfortable riding, longer rides, and better muscle recovery.

When a bike is set up for the style and location for your particular riding it results in increased safety. A drop handlebar position can only be advantageous if it's comfortable for you and can otherwise result in compromised handling. Similarly, riding with ultra wide bars in heavy traffic can be dangerous. Ideal tires can result in better safety.  Knobby tires are good in slippery conditions, but studded tires are worlds above when it comes to traction on ice. Less than ideal brake lever or shifting alignment can also come into play at unfortunate times. No matter what kind of riding you’re doing, customization can really make a difference.

Greater reliability can be achieved by swapping out old parts for new ones. A tune up is a good idea to dial in a bike and ab overhaul is great for removing parts, re-greasing them, and reinstalling them. Either of these services provide a great time to customize because much, if not all, of the labor costs are included. If you prefer to spot fix or do a lot of maintenance yourself, customizing can be a good opportunity to have trouble areas delved into. Dry handlebars clamp positions, for one, can be an elusive culprit of a mystery bike creak. Re-greasing or replacing your handlebars and other components can assure that they are tightened down to the proper torque specifications and will keep steady when you need them most.

If the perks of safety, comfort, and reliability don’t scream to your sensibilities, consider the style factor! Having an attractive bike is more than frivolity, it shows others that you are someone who cares about the small things. Whether you want a classic look, something monochrome, or colors to match your outfit having a customized bikes allows you to exude the confidence of someone whose bike has at least a half an iota of your personality.

When it comes to where to get your bike customized you can really go anywhere. Do them at home if you have the expertise! The benefits of coming to Cherry Cycles are that will have your bike worked on by a certified technician, you can get a professional opinion for parts compatibility, and you won’t be judged on your bike or your preferences. At Cherry you choose what’s important to you, your stylistic preferences, and your price range. MPR cited a study that customers, subconsciously vying for approval, are more likely to buy high end items when the staff are rude. I just can’t bear to be mean. It’s not nice and doesn’t seem very fun. So if you want an enjoyable time discussing your bike dreams and preferences, consider Cherry Cycles.